The Starpool is a shallow pool, and the veiw is lush, moist and soothing. The Skyfalls flows into this pool. The medicine cats come here to talk with StarClan cats, and Leaders come here to be givin their lives. Others aren't allowed in without being accompanied by a medicine cat. (ONLY meddie cats and leaders can RP here. If you RP here and are not accompanied by someone or a meddie cat or leader, your RP will be deleted and the whole chain will be too.)

The medicone cat had a gentle personality, and one day, while looking around the Waterfall. She found something. A cavern, that went deep underground.

She followed it all the way, and found something interesting. A pool. She saw a glowing star in the middle, and knew that StarClan had called her. Heading back outside, she knew it was the Starpool, and it was only for medicine cats'.

Next and the last one, we shall head to the Shadetree.