Name: Solarwave

Rank: Queen

Appearance: Brownish-gold she-cat with bright amber eyes.

Personality: Kind, polite, but can overreact and sometimes be cranky and snappish. Likes feirce names.

Family: Sparkfire (mate; alive), Feircestorm (eldest son, alive), Redstrike (youngest son, alive), Wolfkit, Leopardkit, Forestkit, Ceruleankit (daughters, alive), Lunarshine (sister, alive), Starlingshock (father, deceased)


Solarwave began life as a tiny, unwanted runt. She was tormented by her sister, Lunarkit, and was often made fun of by the other kits. One of the older kits, Sparkkit, defended her one day, and she fell in love with him. When they were apprentices, Solarpaw got stuck high up in a tree when Lunarpaw had dared her to. As Lunarpaw laughed her head off, Sparkpaw climbed up the tree to save Solarpaw. As warriors, Lunarshine had flirted with Sparkfire, and Solarwave clawed her face out of rage. Sparkfire, surprised by her fierceness, fell in love with her, too. Later, Solarwave became pregnant. One kit was born, and she named him Feircekit. After Feircekit became Feircepaw, Solarwave became pregnant again. Two kits were born; One still-born, the other a runt and barely alive. Sparkfire helped the kit live, and he named the little tom Redkit. Feircepaw always poked fun at his small brother, in which case Solarwave or Sparkfire would tell him off. After Feircepaw became a warrior, Redkit, still undersized, became Redpaw, which made Solarwave proud. Solarwave was attacked by badgers one morning as she took a stroll. A tom leaped in to save her, and it was none other than little Redpaw! He asked if he would be a warrior, and Solarwave told him that he was a warrior in her point of view. Redpaw brightened as that, and he went to brag to Feircestorm. Solarwave told Sparkfire that Redpaw would make a good warrior. Shortly after the badger attack, Solarwave learned she was pregant yet again. After giving birth (Redpaw was still an apprentice), she realized she had four daughters, no sons in the litter. Wolfkit, Forestkit, Ceruleankit, and Leopardkit quickly became part of the Clan. Solarwave was at Redpaw's warrior ceremony, with her four daughters. Wolfkit squeaked, "I wanna be like Wedstwike! I wanna be a wawwior!" Solarwave told her that she was already a warrior in her heart. Ceruleankit wondered why Redstrike was so small. Solarwave, with a jolt, realized that Wolfkit was a runt, too. The mother gently explained why he was so small; Wolfkit compared herself to her sisters and scowled. "Why am I so small, too?" Solarwave said that she was like her older brother; A runt. Wolfkit took it badly, but soon forgot about it. Solarwave is currently a queen, with her four daughters only able to nurse.

Extras: None