Name: Skyfall

Rank: Rogue

Gender: Male

Appearance: Silver-blue with marroon colored eyes.

Personality: Cruel, hateful, aggresive, loves tormenting. Cold-hearted, as he nearly killed a kit.

History: Skyfall was born a kittypet, and lived with a Twoleg his whole life. But when he saw his father slaughtered, he killed the Twoleg and escaped the nest. He became a rogue and named himself Skyfall, hearing of the long-gone SkyClan. A few moons later, a kitten stumbled across him and suffered a major beating. The kit became Skyfall's slave for a week until Skyfall realized that the kit couldn't hunt. Skyfall wounded the kit badly, until he knew that the kit would die. Moons later, a she-cat with Clan scent on her found him. He slashed her throat in cold blood, leaving her to die. He does not regret anything he did in the past, and he will never regret anything he will do in the future.

Family: Killed all

Extras: None

RPed by Eeveestar