Name: Scorch

Rank: Young Warrior

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fiery orange-red with pale stripes and blue eyes

Personality: Short-tempered, fierce, and can't take a joke. Hates jokes, anyway. Does not play games, and does not care for kits. He despises cats with silver pelts due to an incident that happened in his kithood. Can't stamd being beaten in a fight, and acts before he thinks (ex. Fighting before the other cat has a chance to explain why they were trespassing)

History: When he was a kit, Scorchkit got away from his mother. He was attacked by a silver-furred rogue named Skyfall. Skyfall enslaved Scorchkit and made him work for him. Skyfall, one day thinking that a kit would die from hunting, clawed Scorchkit. Scorchkit, extremely wounded, nearly died until a peaceful loner brought him back to health. Scorchkit, then Scorchpaw, returned to the Clan, but demanded himself renamed to Scorch. Then, on patrol, they found his mother, Silversky, dead, a slash in her throat. Scorch went into a rage, figuring Skyfall killed her. To this day, Scorch vowed revenge on Skyfall.

Family: Silversky (mother, deceased)

Extras: Will be scarred for life because of Skyfall.

RPed by Eeveestar