Name: Redstrike

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Red-brown tom with blue eyes. Was the runt of his litter, in which he was the only one born.

Personality: Shy, quiet, hates being mocked for his small size.

Family: Solarwave and Sparkfire (parents, alive), Wolfkit, Forestkit, Ceruleankit, Leopardkit (sisters, alive), Feirceheart (older brother; alive) Lunarshine (aunt, alive)

History: Born to Solarwave and Sparkfire. Was insulted for being smaller than the other kits. Teased y his brother. Proved that being small could be an advantage when he fought a badger away from his mother when he was an apprentice. When his sisters were born, he was shocked how they were all she-kits, but shrugged it off. Currently warrior.

Extras: None 

RPed by Eevee