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The leader is Nightstar, a black tom with green eyes. He is a stuck up brat that heeds no attention to his cats whatsoever. He enjoys bossing them around, though, but he shows no real care for any of them. He's haughty and arrogant, and takes fierce pride in his leadership. Nightstar is also quite spoiled from his (now deceased) father, and overlooks everyone else in the forest. However, he does have a slightly softer side, and does care for his loved ones. He's clanborn, and his father appointed him as deputy while he was still alive. Lazy king, Aka Jason. Who just copied and pasted this, CTBTWINS, (talk) 02:26, December 8, 2013 (UTC)

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Rank:Deputy (If there is one he can be Warrior)

Appernce:Smoky Grey tom with a Russet ear and Green eyes.

Personalty:Stuck up and Rude and Loves to kill, He would never give up without a fight and if someone called him week he would end their life.

History:Clan born

Family: Unnamed mate (Dead), Bloodpaw (Son), Deathpaw (Daughter)


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Let's be realistic here. Cats don't have "blood-red" fur. They can have russet fur. Not blood-red. So change that to russt, silver, etc. Maybe a bit more description on the personality too? Save me from this death inside. 02:36, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

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