• Rank: Apprentice


  • Appearance: Creamy-brown tom with slightly darker eartips and a white muzzle.
  • Personality: Friendly, sweet, likes to be talked to. Doesn't like being insulted and is sensitive and sometimes overreacts.
  • Family: Chocolate (mother; alive, kittypet), Scratch (father; alive, rogue), Clover (sister; deceased, unknown residence), Dakota (brother; deceased, residence unknown), Turtle (sister; alive, with Joey)
  • History: When he was born, two of his littermates were still-born. Turtle, the weakest of the two, nearly died, but Scratch, her father, helped keep her alive. The small creamy-brown tom he named Joey. Chocolate got to name the tiny tortoiseshell; Turtle. Joey was abandoned by the Twolegs along with Turtle. He had to hunt for them both, though he could barely walk. A loner took them in and raised them, teaching them how to hunt. The loner died sortly afterwards due to badgers attacking her. Joey and Turtle, once again, were left to wander again. Turtle, not being able to speak, couldn't tell her brother when she wanted something, so Joey taught her how to tell him how to communicate with her. When three cats found the littermates, they took them in instantly. Joey was puzzled at what SoarClan was, and the cats' names. Joey and Turtle were both six moons at the time and became apprentices.
  • Mentor:
  • RPed by Eevee