Welcome to Soarclan, the Clan near the sky!

If you're new here, welcome!

To start off your wiki expirience, read The Clan Code first. These are the rules to ensure that you will have an amazing, fun, friendly and safe time here!

Next, to make a cat for the Clan, go to the Join SoarClan page. Fill out the form on the page, but not in the comments or on blogs or forum posts!

Also, please go on the SoarClan Tour. Read the stories and go where it tells you. Enjoy! :D

You may not Roleplay until an admin accepts your cat. Then you can roleplay! There will be certain events organized by the admins, such as:

Storms & floods and such

Twoleg intefeirance


Rogue & Loner attacks

Monsters invading the territory

A mystery murder (I bet your thinking of Sherlock Holms and his Spyglass, aren't you? .3.)

These events will be organized only by the admins unless you get special permission in which all of the admins on the wiki agree.

The Skycave is to be roleplayed by medicine cats and the leader and ONLY those cats. Any other messages there will be deleted and the user will be notified. (DOn't worry, I won't give anyone a warning, because mistakes happen :)

Lastly, be safe and have fun! Have a great time as you begin your adventure!