With cats lurking in the darkness and trees overwhelming the sun, DarkClan is a fierce, proud clan that's not afraid to use their claws on any cat. They eat anything edible in their territory, excluding large animals (ex: deer, bears, badgers, etc.).

The cats of DarkClan's pelts consist of anything dark, with a few exceptions. They are usually skilled in ambush and hunting, and their overwhelming pride and vainity can make them underestimate their enemies, which causes them to lose.

They live in a very thick forest in Northern Chile, and has a large amount of territory. However, they are wary of other cats living in the same forest as theirs, and will make sure to leave some room for them. Their camp lies in the heart of the forest.


Unlike SoarClan, their rules are harsher and it is expected to follow them or leave.

  1. An apprentice's mentor must be the father or the mother, unless they are both dead. Then, it is expected for the apprentices to teach themselves, but they may watch older, more experienced warriors train or hunt.
  2. Cats of DarkClan MUST obey the leader. Even if the leader is cruel or makes the wrong choice, the cats must obey him or her.
  3. Kits may leave the nursery any time. However, it is at their own risk, and is not encouraged. The clan will not take any blame if any harm or death happens to them.
  4. It's every cat for themself. After they are a warrior, the cats will be left to fend for themselves. They will catch their own prey, fight their own fight, and fix their own mistake. No exceptions.
  5. No one can touch the queens. DarkClan wants more pure-blooded members to their clan, thus letting queens get pregnant with another warrior's kits. If the queen is expecting, no one may touch them except for their mates and the medicine cat until the kits are apprentices.
  6. Cats may not mate with cats with no DarkClan blood. The clan believes that their cats must be free of dirty loner, kittypet, or rogue blood, and those that do have any of that blood running in their veins will be treated lower than a pure-blood.
  7. If a cat is caught breaking any of these rules, they will pay with death or exile. No exceptions.

Notable CatsEdit


The leader is Nightstar, a black tom with green eyes.
He is a stuck up brat that heeds no attention to his cats whatsoever. He enjoys bossing them around, though, but he shows no real care for any of them. He's haughty and arrogant, and takes fierce pride in his leadership. Nightstar is also quite spoiled from his (now deceased) father, and overlooks everyone else in the forest. However, he does have a slightly softer side, and does care for his loved ones. He's clanborn, and his father appointed him as deputy while he was still alive.


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Medicine CatEdit

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