Name: Cloudeyes

Rank: Elder

Appearance: Blind, matted, dirty, dull-clawed, large, skinny black tom with yellow stained teeth, clouded blue eyes, a pink nose, a long white tail, and large paws.

Personality: Snappy, demanding, hateful, but inside always nervous, because he is blind. Afraid he'll trip over things, so he stays in his nest. He is really sick from staying in his nest.

History: As a kit, he was born to rogues, his mother dying after giving birth. His father killed his littermates out of rage and forgot about him. The father left him to die. He got lucky, as a queen found him and took him in. He was a strong warrior when he grew up, and was the best battler a Clan could as for. When he was in the Shadetree, he was attacked by a hawk. The hawk had thrown him to the ground. Soon after recovering (and this was when he was way older) he commented that he couldn't see, and guessed that the hawk had temporarily knocked out his vision. When the medicine cat said he'd never see again because of an eye problem (cateracts) he raged. He hated becoming an elder, and his personality got worse every day.

Family: Unknown rogues (mother, father, and siblings; all dead)

Extras: None

RPed by: Eevee